Recently I had another short spell in hospital with my M.S and whilst i was in there I was tinkering on the computer and came up with an idea to show you (a) What I use in my Golf Bag & (b) just what it has taken to get me back on the Golf Course and a few old pics from What I call the Great Old Days.

I must say that I have loads of people to thank getting me back on the course from my family and friends to the directors and committee at Haydock Park Golf Club allowing me to return. Plus I must thank Mr Peter Kenwright for his help and support in my return and Mr Adrian Friar and @solidgolf for getting me swinging again and understanding how my disability effects part of my game.

The list is honestly endless for people who have helped me, especially the medical staff from consultant downwards you have given me belief to push myself to the best I can and to accept that many days I am unable to play golf as my mobility will not allow it but if I can get on the course then Little Dave (my New / OLD 3 wheel trolley) a Patterson Trio Golf Buggy I found on ebay will help me.

The reason I chose such a cheesy song as The Climb is because I honesty feel that over the last 2 years of M.S I have been climbing a mountain myself and I feel that I will continue to Climb the Mountain but in the words of Frank Sinatra “That’s Life”

Hope you enjoy

MS May be an invisible illness and believe me it’s not exactly a great illness but what I’m trying to promote is as long as their is air in your lungs then it means you are alive and breathing. I know many dear friends that would like to swop and not be pushing up daisies. So even if you have MS it doesn’t mean you have to stop being you!!!