13th August 2017

Really the title gives this one away and other than saying it was a great day, it’s hard to blog to much about it.

Tilly and I went to the golf club for the annual family fun day. Tilly loved the face paint lady, who I must admit I have never seen such detailed and fantastic face painting in all the 13 years of having my kids.

Also the inclusion of the children’s entertainer and bouncy castle just appeared to give all the children freedom and it was lovely to see them all enjoying being down at the golf club. Plus the BBQ particularly the burgers 🍔 were fantastic.

I must congratulate the social committee on putting on this event for the kids. 

With regards to the kids In my opinion it doesn’t matter whether they have a club in their hand or not as it’s important that the kids just realise that the golf club is a friendly place.

Don’t get me wrong Tilly likes to whack some balls or putt with me when I’m practicing but to be honest she will only hit a few shots then go off and play with her toys she has brought with her, then come back and hit some more. Again this in my opinion is great as she sees the golf club as a place she can play and enjoy herself. 

I am taking over the role of junior organiser next year and obviously my goal is to promote junior golf 🏌️ at the club and support the kids from whatever age they become interested. The big key to remember is listening to your kids and once they say can they go and play or go home then don’t keep drilling how you think they should practice or swing techniques down their necks as they will grow to hate the game as it is forced opon them. If you let them do it at their own pace they will grow to love the game and probably play for life and maybe turn professional like I did. 

Anyway great day at the Fanily Fun Day and look forward to next year. 

Bibs over and out