For the past 8 to 10 weeks I have been battling with not only the usual constant  8/10 electric shock pain down my spine and no feeling sensation in my right side, but a sharp stabbing pain has started in my left foot in particularly the heel of my foot and in my toes. My toes have started to swell badly and I cannot put any weight on my heel. 

I tried to phone my MS nurse but 3 voicemails and 3 emails later I am still waiting for a response. I went to my GP who was very quick to say it’s MS related ( I think if I went with an ear infection the GP who say it’s MS!!). It’s easy to fob me off with the MS label these days.

At my penultimate Tysabri infusion I mention to the infusion nurse about my foot and the ward doctor came, looked at my foot and he was happy to say it wasn’t MS related and to see my GP. You can probably guess where this is going!! 

So I return to see my GP this time getting a more shamanic Dr Johnstone who arranged an x-ray and put me on colchicine and then naproxen, her thinking was maybe hour of some deacription. So I am now on my way for x-ray and I only scrape the side of my car down the parking space post (argh)

X-Ray returned and finished my 3 week course of tablets. No improvement, so off I go wheeling around in wheelchair to see another different GP who states I have arthritis it my toes and you will probably guess this, she feels the pain is MS related so will write to consultant. I explain that I have started to constantly smell burning.

I am now in so much pain that if you offered to cut my leg off below the knee and put a prosthetic on I would take it straight away. Don’t get me wrong I am used to pain with the electric shocks down my spine but this pain in left foot drives me to brink of dispair.

Tuesday I saw my neuro psychologist and Wednesday this week I had my Tysabri infusion on both occasions the staff can obviously see the pain I am in. I talk with them both and they email my consultant.

This now leads me to today when I receive a telephone call to say there is a bed ready and waiting for me in the Acute Neurological Unit (ANU) at Salford Royal Hospital. 

So here I am writing this from my bed in the ward hoping that they can find out why this is happening and what the pain is and hopefully some treatment.

Being in here is a good thing as they can try to find the problem causing this pain but it still doesn’t stop me from missing my lovely wife, my 2 girls & my little lad. But I will be home soon I promise.