I have mixed feelings about playing in this event after my last outing at a Disabled Golf Association Golf Day, due to how the events are being run, the transparency around the organisation the lack of Golf Union support and the segregation that I feel having disabled only golf events creates. I believe that as long as there is a handicap system then being disabled (or less abled) is irrelevant as your handicap would just alter on your standard or golf just like an abled bodied person. 

I use myself as an example, prior to my Multiple Sclerosis I was an ex golf professional and as an amateur I was playing off +2 hcp with ease. Since my M.S. my ability has changed and in turn my handicap has changed and I play off 1 hcp. Therefore showing how the handicap system works without prejudice. I believe that rather than have a Disabled Golf Association why not have a Regional Golf Association for all where juniors can play with able bodied, disabled, men & women of all ages. This would then educate everyone and create less segregation. 

NOW let’s get to the flip side of this blog. I had nothing but pure excitement about playing The Shire the only UK golf course that has been designed by the legend and my golfing idol Seve Ballesteros. In case you don’t want to read the rest of this blog I will sum it up in a few words “OUTSTANDING THE BEST DESIGNED COURSE I HAVE EVER PLAYED”

The clubhouse is inspiring with pictures of the great man designing the course along with playing some of this famous shots.

I played well on the day making a great par at the last hole which has an “S” shaped lake running in front of the green. Also many of the par 3s are over water which make them a great test. After playing I asked the staff if I could practice on the short game facility to which they had no problems. This is a very inclusive golf club. I will definitely be returning to The Shire Golf Club.

Here are a few of my favourite Seve Moments