Today is the 8th July 2017 and 3 days ago I turned 39. I still remember my first golf lesson aged 11 at Haydock Park Golf Club, a place I would eventually join the Professional Mr Peter Kenwright in his shop aged 16, funnily enough that was 2 days after leaving school. With Peter’s support and guidance I qualified as a Class A PGA Professional and played in Regional PGA Events and also many MasterCard and Players Tour Events where I would come up against the likes of Ian Poulter, Phil Archer and many other quality players. On many occasions finishing in a higher position that some of the stars.

I did however return to the Amateur Ranks in 2002 and in turn winning 2 x Club Championships and setting the then course record of 64 at Haydock Park. I would qualify for the Matchplay at the British Mid Amateur in 2004 and in turn reach the Quarter Finals knocking out the 1st placed qualifier and one of the favourites Sandy Twynholm. 

My playing days stopped in 2004 due to looking after my daughter as I wanted to spend as much quality time with her (long story- may post a blog or write a book about it one day)

Anyway I started back playing a little whilst I was training for Triathlons but after my diagnosis of MS and the symptoms I was suffering I though I would never swing a club again.  As a matter of fact up until February 2017 I was permanently in a self propelled wheelchair. Don’t get me wrong there are still some days that my legs won’t work and my body is in too much pain and not functioning and I return to my wheelchair.

I set myself a goal that I wanted to be able to try to play golf at the Wigan Warriors Rugby Golf Day on the 14th July 2017

So with hard work from my Neuro Physio and Psychologist I am writing this telling you about my first golf lesson since my MS

Off I went to see Adrian Fryer (fellow of the PGA) SOLID GOLF  to see what he thought of my swing and how we could improve. Adrian @solidgolf was previously based at True Fit Driving Range and was fantastic in understanding my condition and what we could and could not physically work on.

The lesson was fantastic and I came away so positive and motivated to work hard and take my homework away and groove what we needed.

Well now for the homework – Keep checking the posts to see how the swing is coming along and how my game is improving

If anyone involved in the golf industry or any industry would like to invest in sponsoring me with clubs or financial backing to help a disabled golfer turn professional again and show some of the lads on the Euro Pro Tour how it’s done then please get in touch 

Keep Swinging