This is how Sky Sports need to go for me but I must say The coverage and commentating at The Open has been excellent 

1) Ewen Murray – knowledge and humour pure class (Wish Ken Brown was still commentating with him)

2) Nick Dougherty – The future great presenter

3) Henni Goya to start to take David Livingstones place.

4) Richard Boxall – v good commentator 

5) Rich Beem – good humour on course 

6) Radar  – good humour on course

7) Claude Harman lll -This guy is awesome on golf swing knowledge and takes so much sense – Would love a lesson with him!!

8) Butch (Legend)

9) Tim Barter  – great knowledge 

10) David Livingstone 

11) Paul Mcginley – Takes sense 

Darren Clarke and Andrew Coltart just don’t seem to do it for me

This is my personal opinion let me now what you all think