Well thought I would update you all on the ongoing process to ensure my house is adapted to suit my condition (if not already guessed M.S. ha ha)

Anyway after Bury Council originally stating that they would do everything they could to help us and that there is apparently a disability grant available for situations like mine. I have to say that Bury Council have failed to help in anyway like that. They did do a financial assessment of myself and my wife. Now first of all let me tell our income is offset by our outgoings.

But in the eyes of Bury Council who admitted that there calculation formula is outdated, it appears we are millionaires in there eyes. They calculated that we could afford the first £183,000.00 of the conversion and if the cost went over that figure they would put to it.  now when I was thinking a conversion I wasn’t thinking of building a new bloody house!!  In fact the conversion will cost approx. £15 – £20k. So guess what the Council and disability grant will not support us. The reason being is because we both work full time.

My question to Bury Council and the Government is “What help do disabled working persons get considering they work and pay taxes and do not rely on benefits and the state to support them??”  Would I not be better on benefits so I wouldn’t have to pay for the conversion and then just rely on state handouts.

Well moving on, I have submitted the plans (kindly drawn up by Martin Holland Architect) to Bury Council and I am now just waiting for the outcome of the planning department. I hope they pass it or all hell will be let loose ha ha

I will keep you posted with what happens – I’m sure with Bury Council they will find something to create a mountain out of a molehill.