I hope you like the above video and I truly mean the words at the end.

i would like to re-iternate that words cannot thank all the people who have kindly donated to PAUL’S challenge and in turn donated to helping me adapt my garage at home into a downstairs bedroom and wet-room. I cannot begin to tell you that once the work is completed (Hopefully this will start in the New Year now that plans have been agreed) the difference in our lives will be massive.

I also have to say a MASSIVE Thank You to PAUL for his heroic effort on the cycle ride. I don’t think I can ever find the words to thank Paul enough for his support.

Not only has Paul completed the 22 Cycle Challenge, but he has been there for me on the end of the phone through some of the darkest days of my life after my diagnosis. I always knew I would fight this disease but without the support of Paul along with my family and many other friends, I feel that I am finally moving on with my life.


*** Too all my friends and family and people who have supported me especially all the people that came to see me in hospitals around the Greater Manchester Area – I am sorry if you are not named but I can promise you that you are always in my thoughts and that you will never be forgot and will always remain in my heart***

At the moment I am working hard with Physio and Neuro Pschology along with other aids to try to maintain activity in my Right Leg (although I cannot feel the leg). Also using the wheelchair in and around work is giving / saving me so much energy that my fatigue levels are much manageable and this is helping with the Electric Shock Pain.



PLUS – Paul and I enjoyed making the video