Well Sunday the 16th October 2016 was to start with a momumental occasion of me completeing the Greater Manchester Marathon but alas this was not to be

After all the hard work building up my arms and strength and also modifying (to the best I could) a racing wheelchair that I had been kindly allowed to use from Bolton Harriers

See pictures – It is so hard for disabled people to get into sports as I don’t want to rant but considering I have been on both sides of the ability spectrum I find it totally shocking that for an abled bodied athlete to compete in an event (Other that training hard) you could kit yourself out (Trainers / Shorts / T shirt) for under £50 easily – Now that might not get you the best equipment but it would be adequate.

For a disabled – Wheelchair user it would cost in excess of £3500 for a custom wheelchair and if you couldn’t afford that then a standard racing wheelchair is £800 but then you have to try to modify it and believe me this is so difficult to do (I bought foam padding – Bubble Wrap and plenty of duct tape.  So without having plenty of money or access to grants etc then how is being disabled a level playing field for entering events???

Anyway disaster struck on Mile 9 of the Greater Manchester Half Marathon and my right wheel punctured and ended my hopes of finishing.


On a positive note I raced back to Haydock Park Golf Club where last week they held a charity golf day for me. I was invited by Conal Gallagher to the Winter Competition Presentation. It was at the presentation that the club and all the members kindly gave me a cheque for a large amount of money to go towards helping my conversion at my house (so I can stop falling down the stairs)


I would at this time like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to MR JOHN HOLCROFT AND MR DAVID FOX along with the board of directors at Haydock Park Golf Club for helping me and showing me their love and support.

Also I would like to thank MARK BOLTON of Applejacks Catering at the Golf Club for the Pie and Peas and again for all the love and support he has shown me since my diagnosis.

LASTLY I would like to Thank Peter Kenwright for Everything he has ever done for me. Without Peter’s guidance I would never have achieved my dreams of becoming a golf professional. But even more so catching up with Peter has given me so much drive and determination to get back on a golf course and play again. Once I can figure out a swing that doesn’t trigger the electric shock pains down my spine I will be back on the golf course and my first game is going to be with Mr Peter Kenwright.