Saturday 8th October 2016

Early start this morning as my old Golf Club Haydock Park Golf Club have kindly organised a charity golf day to support the changes that I need to make and the adaptations I know need to buy since my diagnosis.

Just to paint the picture, Haydock Park Golf Club to me isn’t just any golf club it is the one place where I always come alive and want to play golf. This might be due to that I joined the club in 1990 at the age of 12 after Nick Faldo winning the Open. From the age of 12 all I wanted to be was a PGA Golf Professional, this was mocked by many of my school career officers and schoolmates, but I would spend every minute of every day either thinking / watching or practicing golf.

Well I did it in 1994 I left school at 15 yrs with my GCSE’s and I signed my first job contract with a man who (other than my Amazing Father) would support and believe in me and who I widely regard as my 2nd father. This man is Peter Edward Kenwright. Somewhere he saw the potential in me, paying for my PGA courses until I became a fully Qualified PGA Professional.

After trying to make a living on minor tours I started to struggle financially and this was the time that I joined Greater Manchester Police

Anyway back to Golf – I applied to get my amateur status back and this came through in April 2002. I was back playing amateur golf with a Handicap of +2 (the lowest I ever got was +2.7 (+3) ) PLUS I was back playing at Haydock Park.

I won the Club Championship in 2002 & 2004 and I shot the then course record of 64 (-6) in The BGA Trophy in 2004. I also reached the semi finals of the British Mid Amatuer the same year.

My beautiful daughter came along in 2004 and I decided to retire from golf so I could spend more time with my daughter.



I arrived at the course before 8am so I could hit the first shot of the day – I had not even done any practice so driving down the A580 towards the course I started to get very nervous UNTIL I started to drive down the lane to the Golf Club and the nerves turned to excitement and honestly a strange aire of confidence came over me (AGAIN I FELT AT HOME)

Well I struck the first tee shot just down the left side of the first fairway and I believe it was around the 250yrd mark.


I was kept company by my greatest supporter on the course MY dad and we had some good laughs as we went out on the buggy taking some pictures and just enjoying each others company (If I could freeze time this would be one of those moments)

Later on in the day my Mum, Katie and Matilda would come down to the club and we had Pie and Peas courtesy of Mark Bolton the fantastic caterer at the club APPLEJACKS CATERING. 01925 291020

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