Wednesday 28th September 2016

Funnily enough I am up before the alarm clock this morning which is a good job really as this is what was showing on the screen at 04:00hrs


After 2 cups of coffee and a couple of pieces of toast, I still don’t feel fully awake for the ride ahead. The challenge is really taking it out of me and I am beginning to forget things. Here is picture similar to me when I suddenly realise this when I try to get on my bike out-side after removing my wheels the night before to check them over.

f709cc2611c063cf461fe181b28eca76I ONLY BLOODY FORGOT TO PUT THE WHEELS BACK ON

Off I start and it’s a long ride into work on my own today

Whilst pedalling alone my mind starts to drift off and begin to remember an old limerick for the ride. “It would have been great to push “snooze” But in Septemner there is no time to lose. After yesterday’s rain, Please sun and wind come again. So it’s perfect weather for drying my shoes.

I know it’s not the best but I am trying to take my mind of The Pimple Family who are total pains in the arse and also take my mind off how weary I am beginning to feel.

Considering the Pimple family have been causing me so many problems I have decided to change my seat for something just as comfortable or in fact more comfortable “WHAT DO YOU THINK??”


Quite exciting news today in that the BBC are interested in running a story in relation to Chris and the charity ride that I am doing, This is great as it will tell a wider audience  of the challenge and pain I am going through along with the problems in Chris and his families lives.

I leave the office a little later than usual today due to organising the event start. So by the time I get home a good 2 hrs later and it has become very dark.

In I get and notice that the odometer reads 1200 miles. Also I feel like  I could eat my leg, I am so hungry. Fortunately my wife Sandy is fantastic and had something to eat ready for me as I got in. Well it was a quick shower and then ready for my bed as I know the alarm will be sounding in a few hours time “Bloody Bibby”

 I know I keep Re-iterating this point but On FRIDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER 2016 which is the FINAL DAY of the challenge – Chris will be riding with me on his Hand-Bike and WE WOULD LOVE FOR AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO JOIN US ON THE RIDE

WE AIM TO SET OFF FROM THE VELODROME (National Cycling Centre) @ 09:00am (meet at 08:30am)

The route is from the National Cycling Centre to just near Ashton Moss Tram (Near to work). The route will be up Ashton Old Road


ALSO I know I keep asking but please try to  donate whatever you can to this challenge / charity as the money will go towards helping Chris and his Family raise funds to convert the downstairs garage into a bedroom for Chris (This last week he was sleeping on a blow up bed on his own downstairs)