Monday 26th September 2016

I cannot believe we have reached the FINAL WEEK of the Challenge!! I also can’t believe that I am up again at 4am in the morning after the now partially damaged alarm clock has sounded.

After breakfast and a triple hit of Nespresso I go through my usual routine of making sure the extended family for who I have acquired on the ride “The Pimples and The chafed nipples” are ready for action.

Myself, Sandy (my wife) and Archie (my son) went to visit Chris at Tameside Hospital yesterday evening and I can tell you that Chris has responded well to the treatment and the Electric Shock pain levels down his spine are now around 7/8 out of 10 so he was hopeful that the doctors would be happy to discharge him on Monday (Today)


Off I set on my bike and I am joined by Paul Parker and Tony Norman, our destination is near to Sale where we are going to be met by Martin Blythe and we can ride as a 4 for the remainder of the ride into work.

Well as we are approaching where I said we would meet Martin I can’t seem to see any sight of him but I can see what looks like a Trawlerman on a bicycle. I initially thought that this was a strange place for a local trawlerman as I expected to see them near the docks.

On getting closer to the individual I saw that it was in fact Martin and that he was dressed for any kind of weather including a monsoon.


Well we set off as a 4 and I started having aspirations that we were the 4 Team Pursuit Cyclists from the Rio Games, only to have this shattered by the fact that my legs just couldn’t go any faster and in fact they were again fast becoming legs of a very Weary Cyclist. This is not good for the Monday of the Final Week, so I quickly scoffed another High5 energy bar and into work we rode like d’Artagnan and the 3 musketeers.

During lunch today I receive some fantastic news that Chris is being discharged from Hospital and he informs me that he would like to get straight back in the swing of things and come into work tomorrow (Tuesday) as he does not want to dwell on what has happened and knowing him he is determined to prove this Illness Wrong.

Chris has 2 sayings for his MS and they are:

  1. It’s only 2 letters
  2. I may have MS but MS hasn’t got me.

He is probably best described as a determined or put it plainly a stubborn bugger!

The ride home was the 3 Amigos as I was joined by Paul Parker and Martin Blythe. We had a great ride home with Martin turning off at Sale. I must admit that the ride home was a refreshing ride as although I got caught up in some rain, I have to say that the rain seemed to take away the pains from the Pimple Family to which it appears that they have had children and are Multiplying.

THATS NOW 1080 MILES in the Saddle (Don’t I know it)  Think I need to have one of these for my office chair


On FRIDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER 2016 which is the FINAL DAY of the challenge – Chris will be riding with me on his Hand-Bike and WE WOULD LOVE FOR AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO JOIN US ON THE RIDE

WE AIM TO SET OFF FROM THE VELODROME (National Cycling Centre) @ 09:00am (meet at 08:30am)

The route is from the National Cycling Centre to just near Ashton Moss Tram (Near to work). The route will be up Ashton Old Road


ALSO I know I keep asking but please try to  donate whatever you can to this challenge / charity as the money will go towards helping Chris and his Family raise funds to convert the downstairs garage into a bedroom for Chris (This last week he was sleeping on a blow up bed on his own downstairs)