Friday 23rd October 2016

Unusually I am up before the alarm clock this morning, it must be I am either falling into a routine or I am becoming delusional due to sleep deprivation! Well I treat myself to a 2nd espresso to try to keep my legs going at the end of a long and eventful week. I am becoming a weary cyclist!

I slap on the sudocrem for Mr and Mrs Pimple to bath in and then ensure that Uncle and Auntie Chafed Nipples have enough Vaseline to keep them company for the ride in.

As I settle into my saddle the burning begins almost instantaneously and I mutter under my breath “Bloody Bibby”. I am joined for the ride into work by Tony Norman who has been a fantastic support rider throughout the whole of this challenge and as we chat away on the ride it eases the pain slightly that my body is beginning to feel.

Whilst in work I give Chris Bibby a ring to see how he is doing and I can report that he is responding well to treatment and hopes to be out of hospital over the weekend. I tell him how my arse feels and the only way I can best describe it is like the following picture:


Well the ride home tonight was a lovely ride home as I met Judy Cocker, who is the wife of Paul Cocker an officer that Chris worked with in Longsight. Judy kindly joined me at Ashley and we had a pleasant ride chatting and laughing away all the way to Knutsford. I loved meeting Judy and hope that one day we can meet up again and hopefully with Chris and Paul we can all have a ride together.

Back home now and very tired after a busy and different week with Chris suffering his seizure and ending up in Tameside Hospital (which he has given 4 out of 5 on Hospital Advisor and believe me over the last 12 months he has visited most in Greater Manchester ha ha)

On FRIDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER 2016 which is the FINAL DAY of the challenge – Chris will be riding with me on his Hand-Bike and WE WOULD LOVE FOR AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO JOIN US ON THE RIDE

WE AIM TO SET OFF FROM THE VELODROME (National Cycling Centre) @ 09:00am (meet at 08:30am)

The route is from the National Cycling Centre to just near Ashton Moss Tram (Near to work). The route will be up Ashton Old Road


Enjoy the Video: