Thursday 22nd September 2016

Alarm clock went off and I was up and ready to go. I had my Nutella on toast and shot of coffee. Out I went on my bike and after the events of yesterday I have become even more motivated to complete this challenge.

I was riding with Rick Timpson and at Altrincham we meet up with Tony Norman and continue our ride into work with the  rain starting to come down. I wouldn’t mind either but it was that fine rain that gets you wet!!

JUST our luck that Tony hits a bump in the road and we hear the customary hissing sound from his rear wheel,  a puncture in the rain is bad enough but then Tony’s glove sticks to the gas canister whilst inflating the tyre the only thing to do was laugh. One suggestion I was thinking to mention to Tony was to pee on it to warm it back up?

Whilst waiting for Tony to pump up his tyre I see a bike chained to a post which I have to say made me chuckle even more. Tell me what you think??


Once in work I check up on Chris’s progress and he appears to be getting better  although he still sounds very drowsey and tired, but I got a chuckle out of him when I told him of the CO2 canister sticking to Tony’s glove.

Chris is still very upbeat and ready to get better and get his pain levels down to 7/8 out of 10 so he can get out of hospital and back to work.

After another busy day in work I set off for my ride home in quite overcast but nice weather. I am on my own for the ride home with the exception of Mr and Mrs Pimple who are now REAL pains in the arse and It appears that Mr and Mrs Pimple have decided to invite their relatives – Uncle and Auntie Chafed Nipples for the ride.

Not only will I be slapping on Sudocrem to Mr and Mrs Pimple but I will be slapping on Vaseline to Uncle and Auntie Chafed Nipples.


I get home and carefully get out of my cycling gear being careful not to pull Uncle and Auntie NIpples off with the clothes.



960 MILES COMPLETED (Technically now we would be just outside of TURIN in Tangenziale nord di torino, 10078 venaria reale to, Italy)

Well I am tired now so it’s off to bed for a good nights sleep – Please enjoy the video and if you would like to donate to this charity ride no matter how much as every penny would make a difference to helping Chris and his family the please go to the following Justgiving Page