Wednesday 21st September 2016

Once again I am awoken by the alarm clock which I will be selling on the sales / wanted and swops webpage after the 30th September!!!

Had a lovely ride into work as Mr and Mrs Pimple and I were joined by Paul Parker for the whole journey. The legs are getting a little weary now we are on day 15 but I am determined to complete this challenge.

Well the day was going well until we had a little blip in the office – Chris Bibby who I am doing this challenge for became unwell and started to have a seizure / episode in the office. He tried to control it by taking the maximum amount of Morphine and Diazipam but that did not seem to help him. Whilst Chris was crying in pain he asked for the Ambulance. This is when I knew that this was not just a mini seizure / episode that he has had in the office before.

Anyway I can report that Chris was taken to Tameside General Hospital and he has had drugs to help settle his seizures and will be in for the weekend and then will be assessed by Physiotherapy as to his capabilities at home.

On speaking with Chris he is in good spirits and still plans to be back in work Tuesday or Wednesday and get back to normal and has full intentions of riding with us from the National Cycling Centre  to work on Friday 30th September for our LAST day.

Plus if he cannot manage to ride into work on that day I am going to fasten his wheelchair to the side of my bike and cycle it like a side car – I think we will look like Wallace and Gromit


So PLEASE PLEASE dust off your bikes and join us for the ride.

Well Back to my ride home I have to say it was an emotional ride with Paul Parker home, whilst thinking of Chris and seeing the pain he goes through on a daily basis. I think the emotional riding must have done me good as I rode home in one of my faster times.

Today has driven me more and more to help Chris and His Family so please if you can dig deep and spare any amount as it will all add up in the end and will go a long way to making Chris’s life so much easier.