Wednesday 14th September 2016

Today started out with the song “What a difference a day makes” going through my head.

Not much to report about the initial part of the ride in but then a puncture struck!! I managed to pump up the tyre and manage to just limp to work on it keeping as much weight off the front tyre.

A quick change of the inner tube during lunch at work and I was raring to go again for the ride home.

Anyhow as I was riding home another puncture on the front wheel. What a Nightmare! fortunately it was a slowish puncture and again I managed to finish the ride safely.

After a shower and evening meal I decide to have a closer look at my front tyre and notice that a shard of glass was stuck in the tyre. It was obviously pressing on the inner tube on any bumps in the road.

Well with all my Inspector Gadgets ready I remove the glass and replace another inner tubes (kindly supplied by Bibby’s Bike Shack)


Wheel all done and off to bed for a good nights sleep – Please enjoy the video and if you would like to donate to this charity ride to help Chris and his family the please go to the following Justgiving Page