Finally I have got out on my bike this morning and not been met with a Headwind. I can’t tell you how nice it is to ride without it.

I had a nice 4:45am start this morning and although I had no headwind another slight Pain in the Backside Literally arose – YES that’s right I am now officially suffering from Saddle Sores and crikey do they hurt when you sit on that saddle in the wrong area!!!

Well I made great time and on cycling through the city I saw another cyclist rather exposed not wearing any shorts I said to him at the Traffic Lights “Do you realise you have No shorts on?? he quickly replied  “Yeah it was the wife’s idea, Last week I went out without my jersey on and finished up with a stiff neck!

On arriving into work I was glad to get comfy into the office chair.

On leaving for home I changed trade to a plasterer and slapped on plenty on Sudocrem for the onslaught that ensued me. Anyhow I survived the ride home which was quite tough and although my legs feel strong they also feel like they have 360 miles in them.


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