goproEarly start once again for me but I set off in good spirits as the weather was again being very kind to me.

I rode into work this morning with Paul Parker. We had a great ride into work and it’s amazing how time flys when you have some company on a ride

On the way home I was not sure if I had the GO PRO working hence my perplexed look above!! During the ride we  had a strong headwind on the way into work so I cheekily used Paul as a bit of a shield and tucked myself in his slipstream. The problem with this was that I only had Paul arse as company for a while and I think Paul had definitely had Beans on his jacket potato that day as he let off a few Tommy Squeakers on the uphill sections.

I must say the company has been great and if more people would like to join me then please get in touch with me. (Leave message on the site)

Just to let you all know that on day 22 (final day) the 30th September 2016, I will be joined by Chris Bibby at the junction of Ashton Old Road and Alan Turing Way

Chris will be riding his handbike so again anyone who wishes to join us please feel free to join us


If you can kindly support this great cause then please go to