Tuesday 6th September 2016

This morning I have a lovely ride into work with Richard Timpson. With the weather being so mild and dry “hope I’m not jinxing it” and with the company I have to say I sometimes forgot that we were riding our bikes.

The ride took me 1hr and 50mins in and we have 210miles completed on the Odometer.Therefore by my reckoning I’m technically somewhere in or around London

ONWARDS we go to ROME!!!

My ride home was once again pleasant with Richard Timpson and this wonderful weather although I think at one stage Richard thought he was on the final stage of the Tour of Britain as he left me whilst I was slurping some water. I must admit it was nice when Richard slowed down for me as I was hit with a bit of a head wind, so I just grit my teeth and keep turning the pedals.

On Arriving home the Odometer says 240miles completed.


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