Friday 2nd September 2016

As usual I awoke Pre 5am ready for the 30 mile ride into work. I was very careful riding in this morning as my rear wheel was still suffering from a spoken missing. Anyhow with the weather being kind to me I arrived at work and the bike survived.

During the day my rear wheel was dropped off with the bicycle doctor at Rusholme, Manchester for a new spoke to be fitted. Again this appeared to go well and I was feeling more confident that my trusty steed was now back to it’s flying best.

Off I set on my return home and whilst I was riding home my chain kept slipping gears on my rear cassette. This was obviously compounded after I hit every red light on the route therefore pulling away from the lights my chain would keep slipping. This was where a few CHOICE WORDS may have slipped through my lips..

My mood lifted when I met a fellow rider and as we got chatting I told him about the challenge I had set myself and for the cause. Considering we had a headwind and my chain slipping the rider kindly rode in front of me and let me sit in his slip stream for a few miles.

The kind reider stated that he would donate to the cause and true to his word he did and I can only thank him kindly for his donation and letting me sit in his slip stream for a few miles.

Well All – DAY 2 complete 120 miles completed

FURTHERMORE – I dropped my trusty steed into my local bicycle shop and they found that The Bicycle Doctor had not put my rear chain guard back on my rear wheel. Fortunately my friends at the shop were only to kind to help

Thank you all for your kind donations up to now and i’m now ready for Day 3 of the challenge. 

If you can kindly support this great cause then please go to